Thunder’s investment style is built upon that of paying only reasonable prices for growth (GARP). In addition to holding well-researched core positions, Thunder maintains an active trading approach to managing its portfolios.

Industry Focus
Thunder Capital invests primarily in industries that it feels have reasonable valuations with prospects for growth within the context of existing economic conditions and trends. Recently, Thunder has focused on the gold, energy, precious metals, retail and financial sectors. Thunder Partners LP is a long/short fund with somewhat aggressive target returns and will also invest in the higher growth segments of the market. Thunder Gold Partners LP is a long/short fund that seeks to utilize the firm’s specific expertise in precious metals.

While an exhaustive, “bottom-up” fundamental research approach is used to identify specific investment opportunities, the process starts with “top-down” analysis as extraneous factors such as interest rates, exchange rates and world economies have great impact on investment choices. This “top-down” analysis and technical assessment of the overall market environment assists in determining the long/short mix. “Top-down” analysis is integrated with bottomup” fundamental research in order to identify specific securities deemed to be under- or over-valued. Technical analysis is utilized in risk management, the detection of general market psychology and maximizing entry and exit points.

Thunder generally maintains a dynamic mix of core and trading positions. The firm generally seeks to invest in securities of companies with honest and strong management teams that utilize conservative accounting practices, offer leading edge products, have strong financials, and valuable franchises with excellent
business prospects, and strong growth.

In its short-selling efforts, Thunder focuses on specific over-priced companies with deteriorating fundamentals, questionable accounting practices, and weak management. Thunder believes it should be able to identify profitable short sale candidates in most stock market environments.

While there is no market cap focus across it’s funds, Thunder seeks to maintain reasonably liquid portfolios across all accounts.

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